A commitment of hygienic society

Welcome to Rays Inus

INUS is a subsidiary of RAYS GROUP and pioneer in water treatment, specially potable water, The products of RAYS INUS are used widely in different public and private sectors. Products of Inus are tested by different government laboratories and confirmed the products are suitable for potable water treatment and confirming the Indian standard(IS)

Diversification in INUS comes through BIO TANK, which is a research product of DRDO (Defense Research and Development Organization) under ministry of defense, and undoubtedly the future of sanitary engineering. BIO TANK is the most marvelous invention of the biotechnology division of DRDO and changes the concept of conventional sanitary system, and introduces a clean hygienic society. INUS is the part of technology transfer program of DRDO and authorized to manufacture Bio tanks in India and sell it in India and abroad RAYS INUS is committed to spread the invention for the benefits of the civil society.